Bulletproof BackPack USA New Backpacks for Kids

Bulletproof backpacks are a big back-to-school item

By Valerie Strauss Washington Post With school starting soon around the country, new attention is being focused on keeping kids safe after a spate of shootings over the past year. In 2018, there were 24 school shootings in which there were injuries or deaths. In February of that year, 17 people were killed at Marjory

Parents consider buying bulletproof backpacks as gun violence shapes their children’s lives

Parents consider buying bulletproof backpacks as gun violence shapes their children’s lives.

by Ellie Silverman When her sons were growing up in West Philadelphia, Monica Peay-Matthews taught them how to duck bullets: Stop and hit the ground. Find a wall. If you run, make sure to zigzag. Now she is considering an additional precaution: buying them bulletproof backpacks. Summer in Philadelphia has brought shootings at a rec

Bulletproof backpacks have become another back-to-school staple

by Courtney Reagan CNBC Crayons, glue, pencils, bullet-resistant backpack. For some parents, that’s what a back-to-school shopping list looks like this year. Bulletproof BackPack USA are stocked for back-to-school season and on the retailers’ website. Signs on the display say, “protection in session” and “bullet resistant backpack.” The office supply stores are not alone. In

New Arrivals August 2019 Bullet proof Backpack

New Bullet Proof Backpack Arrivals August 2019

As of July 31, 2019, 248 mass shootings have occurred in 2019 that fit the inclusion criteria of this article. This averages out to 1.2 shootings per day. In these shootings, 979 people were injured and 246 died (for a total of 1,325 victims). KEEP YOUR CHILD SAFE IN SCHOOL Here are New Arrivals for


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